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Keep it Cosy for Less With These Latest Portable, Sustainable Home Heating Ideas

by Fergal Bolger on October 15, 2021

Keep your spirits high and your carbon footprint small as the mercury starts to fall. Our range of portable heating solutions will make a smaller dent on your wallet and the planet.
As the seasons change and higher energy costs loom this winter, it's a good time to invest in some new more efficient heating options whilst turning in old appliances that may be costing you more to use in the long run.

When Does Portable Heating Come In Handy?
Portable heating appliances are the obvious way to save on your heating bills by saving you the hassle of heating up large swathes of your home. They also give you added flexibility and comfort in areas of your home untouched by central heating.
For example...
● When you’ve got a new extension, home office, conservatory extension or attic conversion and don’t want the hassle of installing radiators or a fireplace
● When the kids are in school and you’re just taking up a small corner of the house working all day
● When you’re doing odd jobs in the garage, basement or the attic and need some temporary heat
● When everyone else is asleep, the central heating is off and you just need a tiny corner of your home office or living room to stay cosy while you stay up
● When an old relative comes to visit in the spare room, you need to keep them extra warm

How To Pick The Best Portable Heating Option For Your Home
Did you know, 70% of an open fire escapes through your chimney?
Research shows solid fuel stoves are 3 times more efficient than an open fire. A closed-door stove saves you 80% of that energy making it an energy-efficient alternative. They also take up less space.
Considered amongst the best in class, the WATERFORD STANLEY OISIN STOVE in Matt Black is also the smallest stove in our classic collection:
○ It offers a comparatively high heat output of 6.4kW and excellent efficiency of 78.8%
○ There is a high chromium grate that allows you to burn anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood as well
○ Optional Extras include an external air supply kit and boiler kit available to heat hot water
But there are more alternatives to the standard solid fuel stove fireplace. If you have a tighter space to heat and no vents for exhaust, there are loads of alternatives.

Energy and Space Efficient Electric Stoves
Beyond efficient energy consumption, the use of an electric stove also saves you both on floor or wall space and helps you cut down on emissions.
Electric stoves also save on time by providing instant heat at a switch adaptable to a variety of heat settings.
All this without compromising on that sensation of keeping the hearth in your home as a cosy focal point for the family to still gather around.
To top it off, there are some stylish free-standing options around to suit your taste for a cosy rustic space. Consider...
● The Home collection CLASSIC ELECTRIC STOVE in cream or black 1800W.
○ This log flame effect stove comes in a cast iron finish
○ It uses LED energy saver bulbs
○ Also adjustable for flame brightness, has two heat settings and adjustable thermostat heat control with an adjustable flame effect too
● The PROVENCE HEATER in matte black is an ideal option for conservatories, living rooms or kitchens
○ Gives you a traditional rustic style of the Provence - perfect for cottages and rural getaways.
○ It uses a gas fire with a real flame for added hygge factor

Portable Heat & Cool Fans
Thanks to recent developments in air circulation technology we have seen more Dyson-like products emerge into the portable heating spaces in more affordable options.
These devices allow you to combine air-conditioning and air-purifying with the benefits of a standard heater into an all in one solution.
● The SAHARA HEAT COOL PURE device will Heat and Cool Air with purification function using a HEPA Filter
○ It is adjustable to variable fan speeds and has Thermostatic control to help you maintain your desired temperature
○ It is also directional with 80-degree rotation and upwards/downwards adjustment
Tower fans in general, offer you a more streamlined focused appliance that is an aesthetic non-intrusive addition to a smaller space.
● For a simpler alternative, there is the TALL FAN HEATER WITH TWO SPEEDS with Cool & Warm Wind Options. It also has
○ an adjustable thermostat
○ Tip-Over Safety Switch
○ Over Heat Protection
○ Wide Angle Oscillation for directional use
If you just need to heat a small part of your personal workspace, couch area or a small box room/playroom snug, why not keep an even smaller upright fan heater on standby? These can even go with you on staycation!
● Our UPRIGHT FAN HEATER 2000W is a simple quick backup solution that is super easy to stow away
○ It comes with a rated power of 2000w and a range of settings including cool wind, warm or heated
○ It’s easy to carry and stow away an integrated handle and indicator light
Convection Heaters
Convection heaters are a great solution if you want a discrete portable solution with more power than a small fan heater that is also easy to move about from and store away.
Even in this case, design and technology has made great advances to give a more streamlined and sustainable options such as our
● ECO INFRARED PANEL HEATER 450W - This Eco infrared heater produces a comfortable & healthy heat and is easy to maintain with lower running costs. You can also program it weekly.
● ECO PANEL HEATER 1KW WITH DISPLAY - This Eco Panel Heater has 2 heating powers to choose from with an LED display & remote control, touchpad, control panel. It contains an electronic sensor thermostat & over heat protection
● For convection heat with a bit of atmospheric glow-effect why not go for a Halogen Heater 1200W? Pick one that gives you different heat settings; and is light enough to easily move around from room to room. The heaters also come with a safety tilt cut off for your protection

Oil Filled Radiators
Oil-Filled Radiators are another convection based option.
These are usually freestanding set on casters with a handle for easy portability as these can be a bit heavier in the larger sizes.
They can come in a variety of Fin Lengths in terms of size from 4- 11 Fin. These radiators have power settings that can range from 600W/ 1200W to 1000W/1500W/2500W with adjustable thermostats and timers built in.
Make sure Indicator Lights are built in too for the sake of safety.

Stay Snug As A Bug With Electric Blankets
A very specific solution especially if you have an older relative that tends to stay in bed. Perfect for those long winter nights saving you the expense of switching on the central heating for the entire room when you know everyone is in bed.
There are a variety of options including:
● A choice of sizes ranging from single to double to king size - which has its own dual controls for either side of the bed
● Electric blankets also come with several heat settings which will come in handy at different times of the year
● For added luxury and heat retention, opt for a fleece covered option
● Make sure you pick a style that ensures overheat protection

Keep it Toasty Without Our Shopping List
There you have it! A decent overview of heating options for the various parts of your home and varied enough to fit the size of your space and family.
● Provence Heater in Matte Black
● Waterford Stanley Oisin Stove
● Sahara Heat Cool Pure
● Tall Fan Heater With Two Speeds
● Tower Fan Heater 2000W
● Upright Fan Heater 2000W
● Halogen Heater 1200W
● 7 Fin Oil Filled Radiator 1500W
● 9 Fin White Oil Filled Radiator 2000W
● 11Fin Oil Filled Radiator 1000W/2500W
● Eco Infrared Panel Heater 450w
● Eco Panel Heater 1KW with Display
● HOME COLLECTION - King Fleece Electric Blanket
Stop by our online Portable Heating catalogue to view the available range of heating products available this winter.
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